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Dear students and parents Welcome to Bethany Higher Secondary School’s Online Learning Portal. 

The whole aim of this Online Learning Portal is to encourage and ensure continuity in the learning of all our students. We believe that learning should not be restricted just to the four walls of your classroom. This Online Learning Portal will help you to be more inclined towards critical analysis and self-motivated education. The worksheets are carefully handpicked from various sources in order to help you achieve that.  We expect you to honestly work on the given worksheets, projects, assignments, and exercises. 

Kindly go through all the instructions and information thoroughly provided on this page before you select your class. Good Luck!


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Bethany Higher Secondary School

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In response to closures of School

From the Principal's Desk

Dear Students, Parents and concerned adults, 

With COVID-19 continuing to spread, the scale of the challenge in front of us is truly overpowering. Every aspect of our life has been affected by this crisis and sustaining our children’s education has been and should be at the forefront of our mind as a responsible citizen. Given the current pandemic, it is also our shared responsibility to be hugely concerned about our student’s education and their well-being. 

As a school and taking utmost pride in being an educator, we are very anxious about the rapid developments on how the educational system is going remotely online, but I encourage you to remain calm yet vigilant.